KUALA LUMPUR: Talking Tech. Equator, more sun. Rojak. Yum.

Antithetical Tech Socials are coming. Agenda-free friend-making, COLD drinks on the house. Nice people and no greasy sales. Good right?


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    Kuala Lumpur Organizers

    These are the people that are making Kuala Lumpur happen. Got a question? Hit ’em up.

    [email protected]

    JJ. Growth Strategy & Ops.

    Tech biz guy with an international flying-eating-hockey problem working on a boatload of things…including spelling his name.

    Sheryl. Kuala Lumpur. Multi-degrees, mad practical, crazy organized – with advanced eye-tracking research insight. Like they say when you’re a Scout, ‘be prepared’.
    Fu Ken. Kuala Lumpur. Design guy, Yo-yo Master. Helper of people. Ketua of Mapping.
    Oliver. Kuala Lumpur.

    Hacker meets agency life. Now global traveler. Deliverer of action, purveyor of change.

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